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Business climate improvement initiative

Based on advice from Croatian and foreign companies represented by our Chambers, we recommend three potentially “game changing” reforms that the Government should implement in order to make Croatia’s business environment more competitive and attractive for...

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Business breakfast on Dawn raids – what they are and how to prepare for them?

Nordic Chamber of Commerce is organizing a Business breakfast on 17 November on the topic Dawn raids – what they are and how to prepare for them? in cooperation with law firm Wolf Theiss, member of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce.

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Company visit to Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Nordic Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with its member company, Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., organized on 6 October 2015 working visit to the company.

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Business breakfast on Art of leadership

Nordic Chamber of Commerce organized on Wednesday 20 May 2015, at Esplanade Zagreb Luxury Hotel, a business breakfast with its member company SELECTIO. The presented topic was: Art of leadership: from managing to leading people.


A Nation on a First Name Basis – The Icelandic Naming System Explained

It is worth mentioning that if you look up a name in the phone book in Iceland you look by first name...

Copenhagen the most meeting and convention-friendly city in the world

It’s all thanks to punctual airlines, an easy connection to the city centre, a wide range of hotels and educated population...

Finland is the greenest country in the world

According to the environmental performance index 2016, Finland is the greenest country in the world. Finland is followed by Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Slovenia...

Economy still ‘robust’, but ‘vulnerable’

The day before Oslo’s stock exchange took a dive along with others all over the world on Wednesday, the OECD (Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) warned...